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Many consumers when hurt by an uninsured motorist turn to their own company for help. When this happens, those that were prudent in purchasing uninsured motorist coverage are entitled to recover monetary benefits. The benefits are calculated by determining the value of the injury claim against the guilty driver. An evaluation of this nature can require quite a bit of expertise in tort law. Insurance companies are required to have trained, experienced personnel with the necessary legal knowledge to conduct a fair evaluation of the claim. This is part of what you pay for when you purchase this coverage. An insurance company has an obligation to investigate your claim, conduct an evaluation and promptly pay monetary benefits in the amount of the evaluation. If you as a consumer disagree with their evaluation, the company should pay what they feel is due and provide a procedure for you to challenge the evaluation. This is part of what you pay for when you purchase insurance, their expertise in evaluating the claim and prompt payment of what they feel is due. Unfortunately, many carriers do not meet their obligations. Instead of paying what they agree is due many carriers want you to waive your right to challenge their evaluation. They refuse to pay unless you sign documents releasing any right to recover additional benefits. Many consumers too afraid to fight a large corporation do just that. Much to the delight of the insurance company.

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