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The above phrase has been adopted as a tactic by many of the major U.S. insurance companies since the 1990s. And why not? Profits are at an all time high. Some insurance companies are reporting record profits. The reason? Delay, deny and defend. From the hurricane losses in the gulf, to fires in California to applying the technique across the board to all auto accidents, doing so can increase insurance company profits like never before. Delay, deny and defend. When someone injures you or your property, our tort laws hold them responsible for the damage. Drivers who make a mistake for the most part admit the error and try to do the right thing. They turn it over to their insurance company, expecting the company to take good care of the other driver. After all, that is why they purchased the insurance. Unfortunately, once they turn it over, they rarely find out how the other driver is treated. Under the terms of the policy, a driver who causes an accident has no power to make sure the other driver is treated in a reasonable manner. All decisions on which claims to pay, how much to pay and when to pay are solely controlled by the insurance company. Once the claim is turned over, most people don’t learn about any tactical delay in accepting the claim, denials of liability or threats to put it through a long court ordeal. Even if they did learn of this shoddy treatment they have no power to intervene. If they try and do so their insurance company may not so gently remind them of their duty to cooperate or risk losing coverage.

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