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Although hunting season is past us in the northwest, many still take to the fields for recreational shooting. Some like to knock clay discs out of the sky to keep their shooting skills sharp for next year’s duck season. Unfortunately, humans being what we are, accidents occasionally happen. Most often due to shooter error, these accidents can have deadly if not very serious consequences if other humans are involved. So what happens if a shooting partner, hiker or some other innocent bystander becomes a victim of an accidental shooting? The tort law makes the shooter responsible for any errors. Failing to know exactly where a bullet can go or failing to properly identify a target makes the shooter responsible for any injury or damage caused. Improper muzzle control can also make the shooter responsible. Shooting victims have an absolute right to ask the errant shooter to pay for their injuries or loss of life or limb as a result of negligent shooting. How they obtain a recovery is another story. Many consumers are unaware that a negligent shooter’s homeowners insurance may provide an avenue of recovery. Most homeowner’s policies cover damages caused by accidental shooting, even if the shooting occurred far way from the home.

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