Vancouver, Washington


Don Jacobs

Injury claims and on the job injuries

Most people are aware that any injury on the job is covered by workers compensation. The right to have your medical bills and wages paid and the amounts paid for each are set by statue in every…

Don Jacobs

Extra compensation for injuries on the job

Oregon and Washington both have statutorily defined workers compensation benefits. If injured on the job in either state, an injured worker is entitled to these benefits. Medical bills, wage loss,…

Chrissie Cole

Construction Worker Killed In Fall Down Elevator Shaft

A construction worker, 40, of Plainfield, was killed in a construction accident after falling eleven stories down an elevator shaft at a Loop construction site, Saturday morning.The worker was working on renovations of a downtown office located on the 11th floor of the building, according to Chicago police. He stepped into the dimly lit rear freight elevator attempting to go down, but the…