Vancouver, Washington


Don Jacobs

Fall on sidewalk

Most cities have regulations requiring an adjacent property owner keep the sidewalk in front of his place of business in a safe condition. That means if the pavement buckles and cracks because of a…

Don Jacobs

Slip and fall injuries on snow and ice

Winter has finally hit the Portland/Vancouver area. The papers are full of multiple vehicle collisions caused by slippery road conditions. The emergency rooms are reporting an increase in fracture…

Don Jacobs

Recreational injury – who is responsible?

Summer is upon us in the great northwest and people are taking to the outdoors. State parks, federal lands and large private landholders such as timber companies see lots of visitors using their…

Don Jacobs

Slip and fall cases

In the legal world, these cases are often referred to as “premises liability” claims. The legal analysis of each of these cases first involves determining the proper characterization of the person…

Don Jacobs

Animal bites

Dogs can be man’s best friend, but what happens when your dog bites another human? Are you responsible? What if the dog never displayed any vicious behavior before? What if the victim did something…

Chrissie Cole

Prevent Dog Bites this Holiday Season

Many emergency rooms see an increase in dog bite injuries over the holiday season. Over 4.7 million victims suffer dog bites each year and those numbers rise during the holidays, according to the Humane Society.Tips for Preventing Dog BitesMost dog bite victims are children. Dogs can become stressed with large amounts of people such as during holiday parties. If a dog feels threatened,…