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Don Jacobs

How safe is an emergency room?

Every year medical errors kill over 98,000 people in the United States. Not injure, kill. That is an alarming number. I wonder how many are just seriously injured instead? Over a million lives…

Don Jacobs

The cost of health care and malpractice

As we debate how to fix the health care mess, one thing is clear. America’s health care is far and above the most expensive care in the world. The debate in the nation’s capitol has two…

Don Jacobs

Malpractice rates drop in Oregon

Oregon public broadcasting recently announced that medical malpractice insurance rates are dropping in Oregon. Based upon statistics from the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services,…

Don Jacobs

Fixing the health care mess

As the nation sets out on the path to change the health care system, the usual players at the table are demanding we change medical malpractice laws as part of the fix. The same tired ideas…

Don Jacobs

Oregon legislature set to increase Oregon cap on lawsuit damages

The Oregonian newspaper recently reported a compromise concerning a recent Supreme Court holding striking down an outdated Oregon law limiting damages for any damage caused by a public agency to…

Don Jacobs

Surgical checklist shown to reduce hospital deaths

An interesting article in the Oregonian newspaper Thursday morning discussed a study concerning the use of simple surgical checklists. The study was conducted by the World Health Organization and…

Don Jacobs

Professional malpractice

Lawyers, like doctors, architects, accountants or any other professional, are responsible for the damage created when they make an error. Often referred to as professional malpractice, these errors…

Don Jacobs

Hospitals say they’re sorry and lawsuits drop

A May 18th article in the New York Times described a new program at several prominent hospitals across the nation. When a medical mistake was made, the doctor met with the patient and explained what…

Don Jacobs

Medicine mix-ups hurt many children

The above headline highlighted an article in the Vancouver Washington paper this week. The article went on to say 1 in 15 children admitted to hospitals were harmed by drug mix-ups or accidental…